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„Amidst the incomprehensible chaos the world throws at each of us, I seal off my tender heart. Behind this barrier I peacefully align in solitude. The formless abundance of my existence unfolds freely. Dark depths, the element of emptiness, fire and spirits of terror are so very lively. They live in my core; a secure home, where soothing silence surrounds them, as they sleep. Inspiring me for strength to stand tall in the confusing tempest of the outer world.“

"Mindmap", Drawing, 62,5 cm x 77,5 cm, 2023

"Fridolin & Knirsch", Drawing, 62,5 x 77,5 cm, 2023

"Paperplane vs. Thunderstorm", Drawing, 62,5 x 77,5 cm, 2023

The work of Keanu Sapadi plays with powerful gestures and persuasive imagery. Fluid forms and dynamic patterns reveal vibrance, an attribute of color, that he translates into drawing. He explores the energy of his body, the sensitivity of his wrist and fingertips, non-controlled approach and building tools to enhance movement imposing parameters. A diversified logic remains fathomable without context.

Mischievous, figurative humour is pinched into the scenery by displaying the influence of cartoon, anime and video games as inhabitants and visitors, further researched in digital drawing. A realm resonating through the artist’s language, spilling over into analoge drawing and vice versa. Which he uses to address issues of duality, plurality versus singularity and idealogical alignment. Eventually accusing the post-modern individual for a lack of diversified perspective. As one-dimensionality reminds Keanu Sapadi of the insanity displayed by fictional characters.

This impotence ignites his fascination for rage, temper, wrath, anger, fury, agitation, and ire, which he catalyses in his ductus. Things happen in space. Space itself is not affected. Things simply fill the emptiness that space provides. A belief allowing reflection. Helping Keanu Sapadi to keep composure in the middle of his artistic calamity, mixing an element of tranquility into the creative chaos. Through observation he translates, what is happening. Opening combinations that should repel themselves, but attract. Leaving an alluring invitation into abstract landscapes of seemingly destructive emotions, that otherwise have no home.

"Dance of Rage 2", Drawing, 62,5 x 77,5 cm, 2023

Sometimes reality is wonderful harmony,

sometimes a grotesque dissonance.

"Tough Times", Drawing, 62,5 x 77,5 cm, 2023

"Gehirngewitter", Drawing, 62,5 x 77,5 cm, 2023

"secret special mission of the silent master ninja of the 10.000 flames of darkness of the all consuming rage at the eternal abyss in the insurmountable chaos mountains", Drawing, 62,5 x 77,5 cm, 2023

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